Saturday, August 4, 2007

Beer Tasting...

I been trying different beers as of late just to see whats out there. The 3 brands I have tried over the past few weeks are Samuel Adams, Rolling Rock and Boulevard. Lets first start with Samuel Adams. The company makes a massive amount of flavors and so far I like most of them. The only one I'm going to avoid is the Cherry Wheat. I'm mean come on cherries and wheat isn't a flavor I think of when looking for a beer. I would recommend the Summer ale. Its has a nice lemon after taste that really works unlike cherry. Next is Rolling Rock. Now I can't think of anything great to say about this brand. There is no taste and the after taste reminds me of soap. I guess if you completely dislike the flavor of beer then this would be a good choice but I would just pass on this. Last is more of a local brand so I'm not sure if its available everywhere. This brand is called Boulevard. This brand is a similar to Samuel Adams but has more of a light fruity after taste. I would also recommend this brand.

So out of the three premium beers here is what I would score them:
Samuel Adams: *****
Rolling Rock: *
Boulevard: ****

Pachter says PS3 complications might have delayed GTA IV

I'm not that surprised by this story. The PS3 may be powerful but its piss poor design is causing slowdown issues and delays all over the place. If you look at Madden 08 on the two system you will see that the Xbox 360 version runs at 60fps while the PS3 version can only due 30. Not so great after years of Sony saying how great the PS3 is and how its going to win. GTA is just another victim of this. Its bad enough that the PS3 I own is collecting dust but now its delaying games I want to play. Thanks Sony for making the largest electronic brick ever made.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

DVD9 is more than enough for PGR4, says dev.

Thats right PS3 fanboys suck on that. Shut your pie holes!

HD DVD Player Gets Another Price Drop

Wow this thing is dropping fast! I'm not sure if that is a good sign for HD-DVD or not. Its going to help them out but two price cuts back to back is strange. If your looking to go HD then the drive is a great buy. I have one and never seen a better picture.

★ The Most Dangerous Drugs [bar graph] ★

"You might be surprised to know that alcohol is far more dangerous than both Big Puff and Puff the Magic Dragon. Check out this graphic guide to the most dangerous substances humanity ingests (and imbibes, snorts, shoots and sniffs)."

Alcohol isn't dangerous its your friend... :-)

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Microsoft HD Photo considered for standardization by JPEG committee

"Microsoft's ongoing attempt to establish its own photo format as a JPEG alternative (and potential successor) took another step forward today when the JPEG standards group agreed to consider HD Photo (originally named Windows Media Photo) as a standard."

I think this is a step that should have happened years ago with JPEG2000. Thanks to legal issues it never took off and we were stuck with a older codec longer then we should have. HDTV broadcasts are no different. Instead of using MPEG-4 to provide the best picture possible they went with MPEG-2. While MPEG-2 can give a excellent picture. Many broadcasters have no clue how to correctly broadcast a sports game with out artifacts. Last years baseball season on Fox looked awful.

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Solar Cells closer than ever, with new cheaper technology

The title says it all. New technology which will 1/4 the cost of solar cells. Now where's my flying car??

Well any progress forward is better then nothing. Can't wait for solar cell roofs.

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