Saturday, August 4, 2007

Beer Tasting...

I been trying different beers as of late just to see whats out there. The 3 brands I have tried over the past few weeks are Samuel Adams, Rolling Rock and Boulevard. Lets first start with Samuel Adams. The company makes a massive amount of flavors and so far I like most of them. The only one I'm going to avoid is the Cherry Wheat. I'm mean come on cherries and wheat isn't a flavor I think of when looking for a beer. I would recommend the Summer ale. Its has a nice lemon after taste that really works unlike cherry. Next is Rolling Rock. Now I can't think of anything great to say about this brand. There is no taste and the after taste reminds me of soap. I guess if you completely dislike the flavor of beer then this would be a good choice but I would just pass on this. Last is more of a local brand so I'm not sure if its available everywhere. This brand is called Boulevard. This brand is a similar to Samuel Adams but has more of a light fruity after taste. I would also recommend this brand.

So out of the three premium beers here is what I would score them:
Samuel Adams: *****
Rolling Rock: *
Boulevard: ****

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