Thursday, July 22, 2010

Steve Jobs repeats history

Yes, Steve is repeating history. Apple was very successful before the PC took over. Even Steve knew that they were years ahead of the pack. But years later Apple fell behind because they didn't innovate enough. Steve also realized this after the fact. So why isn't Steve seeing this same thing happening to Apple's products again. The iPhone hasn't really changed since it came out. They make new hardware but the software people use everyday hasn't really changed that much. The iPad is a iPod touch with a bigger screen. Not magical like they would make you think. Android has made real improvements that have pushed it to not only the level of iOS but beyond it. Widgets, Flash and being able to customize make the Android OS fun and exciting. Every new Android phone that comes out sells out. People bought the iPhone for the phone and not the network. Now that people have a choice they are picking the network and one of the many Android phones out there.

The best Android pod catcher.

Just downloaded DoggCatcher for Android and this app really shows why the iPod is dead. I now don't need to sync to a PC to get new podcasts. The app is easy to use and finding new shows is just a few taps away.

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