Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Next Gen game systems are a let down.

Why is it that we are told that the next generation of consoles are so great and will be full HD when it's a complete lie. Microsoft has confirmed that Ryse will be "native 900p". I'm pretty sure that they have no clue what native means since there is no such thing in the HD specs for 900p. To even say that two things together shows just how out of touch Microsoft is. Plus that 900p, if such a setting did exist, is not a full HD setting that we are being told the game systems were gearing up for. Microsoft and Sony are both telling BS storylines and the sub par game systems can't back them up.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Twitter Support Sucks

I recently converted my account to two factor authentication on my twitter account thinking it would be a good idea to prevent issues. Well it in fact caused a major issues that Twitter isn't prepared to handle. About a week after I started using two factor my phone started having issues and I decided to do a factory reset. I had written down my backup code for Twitter thinking everything would be ok. This is when I hit the issues. My code doesn't work! The thing that supposed to let you back in doesn't do anything.  Without it you can't log into and the twitter app only works if you have a temporary password from the web site. What sucks is the I can login with my password but there is no way to prove I'm me without that stupid backup code. Over the past two weeks I have put in two tickets explaining my issue to Twitter support with zero response. I have never had issues with my Google, Last Pass or Facebook accounts just Twitters lame unsupported two factor method. Thanks Twitter you can close the account... wait what was I thinking Twitter support will just ignored that request too.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

For about as long as I have not posted I have stopped working on my Arduino weather clock. In fact time has change tech so much that Arduino seems to be to unpowered to continue using. I had already maxed out the processor just running the display. Plus I wanted to start importing data from the internet,  external sensors and add WIFI. The project I wanted never really had a ending point and I think Arduino would cause me to have to many limitations. Speed and the cost of already made parts like WIFI boards for it was just too much. I found that I could move over to Rasberry-PI and get everything I had before with WIFI for the price of just the WIFI addon for Arduino. Tons more options on PI and costs just a bit more per board.

BTW if you are still on Ubuntu go to Linux Mint. Mint is what Ubuntu was before it started to think it needed to jump to phones and overly simplify the desktop for touch screens.