Sunday, July 14, 2013

For about as long as I have not posted I have stopped working on my Arduino weather clock. In fact time has change tech so much that Arduino seems to be to unpowered to continue using. I had already maxed out the processor just running the display. Plus I wanted to start importing data from the internet,  external sensors and add WIFI. The project I wanted never really had a ending point and I think Arduino would cause me to have to many limitations. Speed and the cost of already made parts like WIFI boards for it was just too much. I found that I could move over to Rasberry-PI and get everything I had before with WIFI for the price of just the WIFI addon for Arduino. Tons more options on PI and costs just a bit more per board.

BTW if you are still on Ubuntu go to Linux Mint. Mint is what Ubuntu was before it started to think it needed to jump to phones and overly simplify the desktop for touch screens.