Saturday, November 22, 2014

If you use DVD/Blu-Rays make sure to add recovery data to them.

Don't just think that your DVDs are safe enough to hold all of you important pictures without some sort of recovery data. A small scratch can quickly cause errors on the disc. A great way to create recovery information for a DVD/Blu-Ray is using "DVDisaster". I have tested it using a badly damaged disc and was able to recover all of my data from it. I been using it for the past year and found it to be a great way to make sure your archived data is recoverable. You can create recovery info to be put on a disc or a separate file on your hard drive.

SecurDisc is a lie... Avoid this recovery option at all costs.

I just recently bought Nero 2015 and found the SecurDisc option interesting. I currently used DVDisaster to add recovery to a DVD's but SecurDisc seemed a little better since its built into Nero and is faster to setup. But before I took and jumped in the SecurDisc pool I decided to run the same test I used with DVDisaster to make sure I can actually recover data after bad disc damage. What I found was that the software failed to recover all the damaged files from the disk even though it said "Recovered". I repeated the test using a much less aggressive damaged disc and still got corrupted files back from the damaged disc.

In DVDisaster with 25% of the disc space reserved for recovery it could recover a DVD from the damage I left. I bet 10% would have been enough. SecurDisc failed when 75% of the DVD is recovery information. 75% should be enough to recover from some very bad disc issues. That is like writing the same info 3x on the disc. Nothing is recovered and at no point have I seen that SecurDisc even work beyond returning corrupted files back.

Seems that this software was designed 7 years ago and simply was added for a bullet point. Nothing shows me that its even a valid recovery tool without a external application like Multipar to help recover the damage SecurDisc fails to correct. I'm sticking with DVDisaster.