Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hunter Sprinkler Controllers and What the hell is up with them?

I love my Hunter sprinkler controller. It works exactly how I want it to work. From configuration to turning on a single zone it ease of use is perfect for me. But I have found one thing that I don't understand and its come to my attention that Hunter controllers may not be all that great after all.

2 years ago I bought a new house. The controller there was a Rain Bird. It worked but was 10 years old and somehow the buttons and knobs were worn out. So I replaced it with something I knew like a Hunter controller like I had in my old house. 3 weeks after getting the controller the external rain, light and temperature sensor went out. It likely went out after a bad storm the previous night. That is fine the controller still worked. 2 years later we had another bad lighting storm and now the display on the unit is faded to almost dead yet the controller still works. So these units are made to go outside yet seem to be greatly effected by the weather. I for one would have not expected issues like this. In all my years I have only seen one electrical device die due to lighting and yet this device had two in the past two years. Like I said Hunter has a great product but I wonder if they need to spend some time making sure their products can stand the test of time outside and at least handle a storm that a lot of these devices will to placed in.

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